15 Years of Independent Services

Feasibility Studies

  • Creation of Municipal Utilities
  • Generation Project Development
  • Energy Storage Deployment
  • Renewable Integration Policies

Cost of Services Studies

  • Wholesale Power Procurement
  • Wholesale Cost Forecasting
  • Load Analysis by Customer Type
  • Budgets and Rates
  • Utility Accounting

Regulatory Compliance

  • Renewable Portfolio Standard
  • Integrated Resource Plans

Operations Support

  • Load Forecasting
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Load Factor Optimization
  • Settlements Shadow-Calculation
  • Back-Office Automation

Credentials and Testimonials

  • " I want to emphasize again how truly informative and impressed I was with your study and presentations.  The UEB has just had a Stormwater Master Plan, a Sewer Expansion Study,  a Water and Sewer Rate Study and a Water and Sewer CIP so we've had a few things to compare it to.  I think this will help the town make some informed decisions about its electric utility." Municipal Utility- 2017


Compressed Air and Electric Supply

At EPSIM we are fanatical about helping our clients save on energy costs and improve equipment availability.   We will help you develop informed planning decisions such as: 

  • Energy efficiency and peak demand reduction 
  • Centrifugal compressor controls and surge protection 
  • Electric load and motor monitoring 
  • Integration of renewable power generation 
  • Retail and wholesale electricity supply, rate and contract review  
  • Energy storage strategies, Demand Response

EPSIM Corporation

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